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C&D- Burley Ribbon Cut

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2 ounce Tins and 1 pound special order bulk

Burley Ribbon Cut is a mixture of Burleys that's specially processed and used in many of C&D's blends. Whether smoked straight, paired with a fine Virginia, or used as a cooling component in your blend, this is some of Kentucky and Tennessee's finest.

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what burleys are in "Burley Ribbon Cut? just white and and dark? or others?
George Doherty (Jennings, Louisiana) 12/24/2022 10:33 PM
Note I didn't ask proportions. I don't care There are only a few burleys available to you (by your own selection). I read somewhere that the Burley Ribbon Cut was composed of White and Dark only. Well .. I can't tell I can tell you this: I will be smoking tobaccos that share their informaion more freely. I am curious to know which of your burleys are used to generate the Burley Ribbon cut. It seems an average, attractive blend. I enjoy "playing with your burleys (white, dark, dark fired Kent -- always searching for a blend of my own.
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