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Captain Black (4 Blends)

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1.5 ounce pouches and 12 ounce tin in some blends
One of the world's most popular lines.
Several Blends:

Captain Black- Regular (White)- pouches and tins
Rich black cavendish and mellowed Burleys

Captain Black- Gold (Gold)- pouches and tins
Matured golden cavendish tobaccos.

Captain Black- Light (Blue)- pouches only
A light blend of carefully selected tobaccos.

Captain Black- Royal (Green)- pouches and tins
Aromatic Black and Golden Cavendish

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The Captain Always Satisfies
J. Hunt (Guilford, CT) 11/30/2008 9:13 PM
Captain Black, White blend, always hits the spot for me. A review I wrote for another site says it all: Being a longtime fan of aromatic tobaccos it is fitting that I write my first review for Captain Black. Regular Captain Black, or Captain Black White, is a staple tobacco in my collection because it has provided a consistently pleasurable experience for many years. Mild to (perhaps) medium in overall tobacco strength, the feature that sold me on Captain Black years ago when first starting off was the flavor. Vanilla and sweet. I wanted (and still desire) pipe tobaccos that have sweet flavorings, and Captain Black answered the call. I learned later on, while smoking other very sweet aromatic tobaccos, that tongue bite is a serious problem with some blends, however I have not found this to be true with Captain Black White. If smoked steadily and slowly, the Captain produces a consistent vanilla flavor without much bite at all, in my experience, and a room note that everyone loves (in fact, I find it is sweeter to smell than it is to smoke). While tobacco snobs may put their nose up to this flavored blend, its popularity and availability throughout America is testament to its fine qualities and universal appeal.
Drugstore Aromatic/Burley Fiend
Mr. Wilson (Asheville, NC) 9/26/2008 6:34 PM
Ah Captain Black White,found on every shelf in almost every drugstore on earth.I've been smoking this for a long time and never outgrew it.What's to love in Captain Black White?everything from it's tasty blend of pipe tobaccos down to it's vanilla cream casing which doesn't dominate the blend,but accomodates it perfectly!
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