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Missouri Meerschaum Corncob- Freehand

Your Price: $39.05

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The Freehand Corn Cob Pipe from Missouri Meerschaum is a work of art! A deep, conical-shaped bowl, dark stain coating, rusticated bowl, and Italian Acrylic bit give this pipe a unique and distinctive appearance. Like our other premium pipes, the Freehand has a genuine hardwood insert in the bottom of the bowl. Also available in uncoated Natural White Cob or Natural Red Cob finish. This pipe also serves as a memorable gift to discerning pipe collectors. As a collectible, the dark stain coated finish is also available on a Missouri Red Cedar plaque! See Product Description below for more details.

Available with Bent Bit Only

Extra Large, Conical-Shaped Bowl

Available in Dark Stain, Natural Red, or Natural White Finishes


Approximate Dimensions

          Length:   6.5 in/165.1 mm

          Bowl height:   3.5 in/88.9 mm

          Chamber diameter:   .875 in/22.225 mm

          Chamber depth:   2.75 in/69.85 mm

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The Ultimate Cob!
Thomas Drudi (West Glover, VT) 12/4/2013 2:56 PM
I have mainly briars, but have lately discovered cobs. This is the king of the line up with its very deep bowl and forever stem. Its light for its size and smokes very cool and dry.I also like that this pipe is a non filter cob.This was my first time dealing with Mars and boy am I happy with their fast shipping.Also,check this pipe out on other sites and be prepared to pay from 34 to 44 dollars for it. Thank You very much Mars!
Great pipe and even greater service!
Sean P. (Cambridge, MA) 3/18/2013 8:35 PM
I was happy to see Mars carry the natural freehands, especially at the price. I couldn't pass one up as part of a random order with some coffee (a gift) and some old-timey burleys. I really love the look of the reddish natural cobs (have some natural diplomats from a few years ago), so I thought I would be a pain and request a freehand with a lot of visible red. I also love the look of an uneven rim on a freehand (Danish or cob), and was a further pain by asking for one with an uneven rim if available in a red natural. Mars shipped me a beautiful specimen, along with a note on the receipt stating that they grabbed the reddest, roughest one they had. Absolutely top-notch service from a great shop, and I couldn't be happier or recommend them -- and this pipe -- more strongly. I will return with many lower-maintenance orders, and soon!
The best cob and perhaps the best pipe - in the world!
David Mathews (Oregon City, OR) 5/1/2011 5:33 PM
With its distinctive military stem and deep capacity this is without a doubt the best of the best. The bit is substantial, smooth in the, overall the pipe is light for its size...both aspects are a real bonus to those (like myself) that leave it 'in' and sip as they work in the shop, etc. The claim is that cobs are best for Burley blends and while true that doesn't take it far enough...they truely the best for any kind of blend (that I've tried in them). They smoke cool and true and as has been noted, last for YEARS if treated with the respect they deserve. Once upon a time, clay pipes ruled...the briars and meeers...and if you give these a chance you'll be adding more than a few to your collection. I'll also note that Mars really does have the very best prices on them. The Freehand is perhaps the best pipe on the market...certainly the very best for the dollar spent. Do it'll be more than pleased with the results!
An excellent cob pipe!
Todd Mason (Rescue, CA) 10/5/2010 8:00 PM
This is the best of the cob pipes. It feels nice in the hand, has an excellent draw, large tobacco chamber and a hardwood bottom. It's a real comfortable smoke and a good price without that silly plaque.
Burley's best friend!
Warwick (MA) 6/6/2009 2:37 PM
This pipe is burley's best friend, and helps to bring out the best in those burley blends. It may not be high-end fine grain briar, but it is sturdy, a very large bowl, cool to the touch, and a good cool smoker. And it makes a statement! It is not a filter pipe like some of the other cobs, so there is no issue with paper filters or debris in a filter chamber. The longer stem also helps to keep it cool-smoking. The one downside is that the vulcanite stem can discolor easily, so you may want to give it the occasional polishing. Other than that, its a good workhorse. At this price, you might think its just a throwaway pipe, but I find its been just as durable as any of the briars in my rotation. Four stars for its price/performance ratio.
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