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Missouri Meerschaum Corncob- Legend

Your Price: $7.12

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The Legend is the most popular pipe for the price in our series of mid-sized, filtered pipes with a medium-sized bowl and coating that gives it a soft yellow color. Available in three bowl shapes: 5th Avenue, Rob Roy, and Flat. Each bowl shape comes with an amber bent or straight bit as shown.

Available in Both Straight and Bent Bits As Shown with Bowl Shapes

Bowl Shapes: Assorted

6mm Filter

Approximate Dimensions


                Straight: 6 in/152.4 mm

                Bent: 5.75 in/146.05 mm

          Bowl height: 1.75 in/44.45 mm

          Chamber diameter: .75 in/19.05 mm

          Chamber depth: 1.25 in/31.75 mm

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Thomas Dunkle (Arcadia, FL) 1/28/2012 12:53 PM
I have an old Ledgend that has bumped around with me for going on eight years. When I first started smoking a pipe, I smoked it like a cigarette. I got tired of twisting my own cigarettes, so I just poked my good multipurpose tobacco in there and puffed away like an Indian Chief. I might go through six or seven bowls watching a good movie. I smoked it everyday, all day long, with only a couple clean outs a day. I've since learned to enjoy finner tobaccos and simmered down on the inhaling so much, but now & then when I'm wanting a good nicotine hit, that old war horse is still sitting there ready to go to work. It looks as ruff as I do, but there is no sign of it giving up the ghost any time soon. It will no doubt out live me. Its a smoking Machine.
Good economy pipes
Casey (Poland, IN) 12/26/2010 11:07 AM
The legend is a very good cob pipe. I always have one on hand. If you loose it, or break it somehow, you aren't out a fortune, and they smoke better than any briar. With Mars selling them for this price, I'll buy them by the dozen and still never eqaul the price of a good briar pipe in my lifetime. This is the perfect pipe to try new tobacco in. Take a brand new Legend, put your new tobacco in it and enjoy the taste unclouded by what you have smoked before. If it is just rancid tobacco and you never want to put anything that awful near your mouth again, throw the tobacco and the pipe away. They are so cheap you can afford to buy them in bunches like bananas.
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