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Q: Why don't you ship to Canada, Europe, or other countries?

A: Originally we tried this. The paperwork and overall problems with customs and added charges created a situation that we now  prefer to avoid. For now, we choose to only ship to U.S. addresses.
Q: I found an item that I want, but when I click on it, I get an error that the page is not available, or it is a different price.
A; This usually occurs when using a search engine, which directs you to a 'mirror' site and not our actual site. There are sites that copy products for sale and then re-direct  you to the site. But since we changed the price or dropped the item, you get a surprise. As an example, several years ago, American Spirit- Pow-Wow blend was discontinued. It was taken off our actual site at that time. But I still get questions about seeing it on our web site. Actually, it is seen on one of these 'mirror' sites. If you look closely st the URL, you will see it is slightly different.
Sorry for the confusion, but we have no control over any sites but our own.

We reserve the right to correct any significant errors in pricing on the web site with notice to the customer. If you do not wish to pay the corrected price, we will gladly cancel the item. Under no circumstances will we change a price without full knowledge and agreement of our customer.

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