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MacBaren- 'Mixture' Scottish Blend

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100 gram tin

16 ounce- Special Order is listed with other 1# MacBaren blends.

When Mixture first appeared on the market in 1958, it was the object of much attention. Pipe smokers could now enjoy a finely balanced pipe tobacco offering a fine blend of tobacco leaves with a slightly aromatic flavour.
This was the result of many years of development, inspired by Jørgen Halberg?s great store of knowledge of tobacco leaves and the production of pipe tobacco. Production of Mixture is based on one of the world?s most complex processes, which explains why the blend has never been copied.

Mixture is made from more than 35 different tobacco leaves from different parts of the world. Each leaf has its own special qualities and only by blending them in the right proportions does Mixture achieve its unique flavour.

Naturally, what goes into Mixture remains secret, although we can disclose some information. The loose cut tobacco in Mixture is light, sweet Virginia. One of the secrets behind the lingering pleasure that Mixture gives is that pressed Virginia and Burley tobacco has been added, which after a meticulous pressing process is carefully loosened up. This makes it easier to fill into the pipe, while giving Mixture the added advantage of burning slowly. But even the best Virginia and Burley tobacco is not what completes the Mixture blend. The ingredient that does this is the special, loose cut Mac Baren Cavendish. Contrasting the light Virginia tobacco, Cavendish is not only a joy to look at, it also gives Mixture the final nuance of taste that completes the blend. The carefully balanced aromatic top flavour, together with the tobacco leaves, makes Mixture a unique blend.

Mixture is easy to tamp down and when the pipe is lit a pleasant fragrance slowly spreads throughout the room which others will find agreeable. Mixture does not consist of one dominant taste, but a profusion of different nuances of flavour that keep changing - all from a single tamp of tobacco. Mixture is a mild tobacco with good body without being strong. This is an important reason why Mixture is the preferred brand among many pipe smokers worldwide and has been for many years. Mixture has become one of the most important classics among pipe tobaccos of the world.

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Smoke it very slowly
Meridianite (MERIDIAN, MS) 1/29/2012 6:37 PM
There is a reason this tobacco is one of the most popular in the world. It's easy to smoke and very flavorful. In a word, it's GOOD. Make sure you puff lightly with a slow cadence, or you'll miss the wonderful nuance. Give it a try. Highly recommended!
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