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Mixture No. 79 (CLOSEOUT)

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1.5 ounce pouch and 14 ounce tub
A mild and aromatic smoking mixture.

A rich, old-fashioned Burley blend, topped with a drop of whiskey, natural vanilla extract, and a kiss of anisette makes Sutliff's Mixture 79 a soft, sweet smoke, nicely-rounded, and free of bite.

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A fetid tobacco that should have gone away long ago
Griffin (Pacific Northwest) 1/9/2017 7:49 AM
Back when I was new to pipe smoking, I bought tobacco only in brick and mortar shops. I often saw Mixture 79 among the other offerings that I did like, so one day I gave it a try. It was putrid. It tasted overwhelmingly like liquorice and burnt rubber. I ruined my very first pipe with this and soon thereafter discovered the newsgroup alt.smokers.pipes and from there the utility of using a corncob pipe to audition new blends.
Aromatic Nut/Burley Fiend
Mr. Wilson (Asheville, NC) 9/26/2008 6:28 PM
Mixture no.79 is an odd aromatic to say the least but highly enjoyable!The casing is a blend of anise and wintergreen mint.Like I said 'odd',but if you enjoy the taste of anise give it a try!
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