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Perhaps Peterson's most comprehensive and economical series, the Aran features a warm walnut stain. See the full line at: Our price is 20% off the Retail price. Email us.
Recently revived from the archives, the Arklow showcases Peterson's newly revamped sandblasting process. Full line: Take 20% off retail if you order with us. Email me for details.
Army Filter
Peterson's Army Filter line brings the timeless aesthetic of the popular Irish Made Army series to a 9mm filter arrangement. Full line at:
Carroll of Carrollton
Inspired by the only Irish-Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence, Peterson's limited-edition Carroll of Carrollton pipe pays tribute to the intertwined histories of the United States and Ireland.
Christmas Pipes
Each year since 2009, Peterson has released a special-edition Christmas pipe. Take 20% off the retail price. Email me with you requests.
Long and willowy, the Churchwarden makes for a fine pipe, and is preferred among some groups of customers.
Deluxe Classic
Sandblasted PSB, Terracotta, and Natural finishes, the Deluxe Classic is informed by Peterson's unique Irish heritage and executed using the manufacturer's most modern innovations.
Deluxe System
Featuring some quality briar, System drilling, sterling silver, and some of Peterson's most popular shapes, the Deluxe series is perfect for those customers who want a premium smoker with that classic Peterson style.
The Derry series features warm, pastoral stains, rugged rustications, swirled stems in warm hues, and sturdy nickel accents, bringing that Peterson style in an understated way. For the full line:
Donegal Rocky
Donegal Rocky The Donegal Rocky is one of Peterson's most popular and easy-to-spot finishes, a hint of warmth to its dark stain.
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
The Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde series is one of Peterson's most unique, each briar wearing a dual finish: one side in a jet-black rustication, the other in a red-hued, smooth polish, split down the middle in an ode to the work of Robert Louis Stevenson. htt
Peterson's Dracula series nods to the macabre, with jet-black stains and stems swirled in hues of blood red and black, accented with nickel bands. Full line:
Dublin Filter
Originally designed for the German market, Peterson's Dublin Filter series features a range of iconic shapes, drilled with a 9mm airway.
Ebony Spigot
The Ebony Spigot is perhaps the most "dressy" of Peterson's dress-pipes, featuring jet-black stains and sterling silver spigot mounts on each and every piece.
Characterized by a deep and craggy rustication with stunning accents of warm brass and green acrylic.
Green Spigot
Peterson's popular Racing Green finish, with its glossy and vibrant stain, is paired to sterling silver spigot mounts in the Green Spigot series.
House Pipe
Peterson's House Pipe series offers up generously-proportioned briars with cavernous chambers, perfect for those customers who only want the biggest pipes, and don't want to skimp on style.
Irish Harp
Deep, ruby-tinged walnut stains, cumberland-patterned acrylic fishtail stems, and bright bands of sterling silver applied by Peterson's most experienced silversmiths.
Irish Made Army
With warm, medium-contrast stains and nickel army mounts, Peterson's Irish Made Army series is one that brings sturdy design and fetching presentations together. Full line at: 20% off retail
Unified by their smaller stature and classic shaping, Peterson's new Junior models nod to the slender silhouettes of early-to-mid 20th century pipe design.
The Kildare series combines the smoky contrast stain of the Aran series with some fine, sterling silver accents, ensuring each piece is as classic as it is handsome.
The Killarney series offers a red-hued stain and simple, twin nickel accents, making for pieces that bring to mind those older finishes of the heyday of English and French factories.
Natural Spigot
With vibrant yet light contrast stains and sterling silver spigots, Peterson's Natural Spigot series offers a combination of elements that will please fans of the modern artisan movement.
Newgrange Spigot
The Newgrange Spigot features a dark sandblast contrasted by a cumberland-hued acrylic mouthpiece and a bright sterling silver spigot mount.
Pipe of the Year 2023
Appearing in Peterson catalogs as early as 1906, the X160 is a historic Irish shape defined by its deep, swan-neck bend and softly rounded, Egg-like bowl.
A collection of various Peterson Sand Blast Pipes from other models.
Pub Pipe
Pub Pipe is a new one-shape series perfect for customers who like larger chambers.
Red Spigot
With vibrant red stains and sterling silver spigot mounts, Peterson's Red Spigot series offers just what it describes in the title, with Peterson's usual excellent craftsmanship intact.
Sherlock Holmes
Peterson's Sherlock Holmes series is one of the most popular that the brand has ever seen, appealing to fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's works, as well as Peterson's, in equal numbers.
a variety of classic Peterson shapes, each featuring a shank and stem that have been cut back to achieve a more compact presentation.
Short Army
Peterson’s Short line comprises a variety of classic Peterson shapes, each featuring condensed shank-and-stem configurations for a more compact presentation. A limited-run extension to the line.
Silver Cap
Peterson pipes with the bowl finished with a silver cap.
Peterson's Speciality series offers up pieces that don't quite fit into their other lines, usually unusual and unique shapes rarely found outside of the series.
System Spigot
Peterson's System Spigot pipes — comprising a deep moisture reservoir, a graduated bore mouthpiece, a sturdy military mount, and the patented P-Lip mouthpiece.
System Standard
Peterson's System drilling has been incredibly popular with customers since it was first patented, and the System Standard series is the easiest way to introduce that drilling to a new customer
Terracotta Spigot
Evoking the warm palette of classic designs from the early 1900s, Peterson's Terracotta Spigot pipes are available across a range of signature Irish shapes.
Tyrone pipes all feature a smooth, dark, and smoky finish topped with jet-black mouthpieces and accented by twin brass bands for a classy and timeless presentation.
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