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Peter Stokkebye- Luxury Navy Flake

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Tobacco selection: Very mature old belt flue-cured Virginia's spiced with Louisiana Perique.
Tobacco cut: Traditional flake slice cut.
Tobacco Flavor/Aroma: Non-aromatic, with a range from mild to medium strength.

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Slices of goodness
Renaissance Man (Unknown) 1/20/2008 6:06 AM
This tobacco for me is probably my favorite out of all three PS flakes. I really like bullseye but when it all comes down to the nitty gritty I find myself reaching for this more often. Why? Because number one, right before bed is when I smoke my pipe. One too many nights I have lay awake listening to my heart pound after three heaping bowls of Bullseye flake. I love the flavor of bullseye but it really nails you when have too much. This has a similar flavor without the cavendish and you can make an even smoother version of your own by mixing it half and half with PS's black cavendish which I truly enjoy. There is just the right amount of perique in this blend to give it a transparent bottom note. All around I think this is the most versatile of the three flakes by PS. Don't try going from this to PS twist flake because you will wonder if your taste buds went on vacation. Definately more flavor in this flake. I love it. I may find one that ultimately I enjoy more at some point but I doubt it will be as cost effective to smoke. I'm actually smoking a blend of navy flake and 1q right now just to get rid of the 1q. I would have to say that I am enjoying it much more than I thought I would.
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