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Arango/Peter Stokkebye- Balkan Supreme

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2, 8 and 16 ounce units

This special blend from Peter Stokkebye is hard to find.
Please note, this is not the Stokkebye English Supreme, this is a variation with more orientals.
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Excellent Balkan
David Riley (Omaha, NE) 11/21/2014 4:35 PM
To my thinking, this is the best Balkan available today. I've smoked latakia blends for 37 years. While my faculty of taste has no doubt changed, along with the vagaries of my memory, I am as satisfied with this splendid tobacco as any I can recall smoking.
Excellent! Smoooooth!
norman skiba (clarksville, TN) 4/7/2013 7:10 PM
I tried the Black House because I like a more heavy latakia but found it short on the depth and darkness but it was nice. It had a nasty bite - not cool. This was a very worthy Balkan Sobranie white label version and absolutely Smooth as silk! I understand the Black House was more black label - but it was between the black and white due to lack of intense Latakia but also the bite was too much! THis blend was outstanding. White label Sobranie all the way! Excellent.
Balkan Supreme rocks
Wesley Kan (Panama City, FL) 6/6/2011 2:19 PM
Have been smoking a pipe for 41 years. Balkan Supreme has been my Balkan-Oriental blend for the past three years. It provides a rich and musky smoke that is not overbearing nor prone toward bitterness.
Dan Hamill (Silver City, NM) 1/5/2011 6:00 PM
Back in the '70s I smoked Sobranie for a time, and this is just about a perfect match. Needed no drying before smoking, excellent taste and aroma, very smooth. If you are a Balkan fan, try this, you won't regret it.
Peter Stokkebye Balkan Supreme
Michael Almazan (orange, CA) 9/24/2010 7:46 PM
Ok, decided to try a bowl during lunch. It started off hoppy, some bitterness, a bit of smoky wood, and some citrus tones. As it burned down it developed into rich and earthy, with sweet tobacco flavors and a bit of wood smoke. Aroma is pleasant. A great smoking experience. It's so good, I can smoke this everyday.
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