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Italian for "Heron," the Airone evokes its namesake avian in its series-exclusive bent Billiard shape, featuring a more modestly sized bowl as well as a lithesome, graceful gesture through the shank and stem.
Savinelli's most popular designs in a mixed finish of deep rusticated grooves and smooth-polished panels, resulting in a texture and aesthetic much like that of an alligator's hide.
Meaning "orange" in Italian, Savinelli's Arancia series presents a number of their most popular shapes.
Arcobaleno is Italian for rainbow, and is one Savinelli's most vibrant lines. Available in both a smooth and rusticated finish.
The Arlecchino presents Savinelli's traditional "111 KS" Billiard fitted to a unique mouthpiece of harlequin-patterned acrylic.
Hand-carved one at a time by Savinelli’s in-house artisans, from briar specially chosen for its grain quality, no two pipes of the Artisan series are truly the same.
The Autograph, prized by collectors, is a series of larger-sized handmade briars. Shapes vary from wild freehands to classics, while grading runs from the entry-level "4" to the rarified "000."
Meaning "ivory" in Italian, Savinelli's Avorio series presents iconic Italian shapes in two distinct finishes: a deeply textured Rusticated Brown and warm, wine-colored Smooth Bordeaux.
Inspired by the Roman god of wine and vineyards, Savinelli's Bacco pays tribute to Italian red wines with mouthpieces of custom-cast, deep red acrylic and alternating metal accent bands,
The Bianca series takes its name from the Italian word "bianca," meaning "white." Featuring a deep, subtle contrast stain paired with a contrasting nickel and white acrylic band.
Bing's Favorite
The Bing's Favorite is modeled after the pipes favored by famous crooner Bing Crosby. This long-stemmed, long-shanked Billiard is known to offer quite a pleasant smoke.
Savinelli's most popular shapes paired to unique mouthpieces of camouflage-patterned acrylic, custom sourced specifically for this series.
The Churchwarden series, as its name suggests, offers a variety of classic Savinelli stummel designs, paired to extra-long Churchwarden stems.
Clark's Favorite
In the same fashion as Savinelli's Bing's Favorite, the Clark's Favorite series offers a lean, long-stemmed, cool-smoking design based on the favored pipe of legendary actor Clark Gable.
The Cocktail series offers beautiful, sandblasted finishes pairing the ebony sandblast with vivid mouthpieces of either dandelion yellow, amber red, or horn-patterned acrylic.
Collection 2022
Limited, top of the line pipes.
Collection 2023
Since 1985, Savinelli has released a new annual Collection pipe, ushering in a unique, series-specific shape highlighting the brand's reputation for craftsmanship with stunning grain.
Inspired by the iconic Dolomite mountain range in northeastern Italy, as well as the sedimentary carbonate rock of the same name found there and in various historic buildings in Rome.
Dry System
Presented in a range of shapes and styles, Savinelli's Dry System series offers a selection of robust pieces in traditional, understated finishes. Full line at:
True to its name, the Eleganza resonates with Italian elegance, from its timeless shaping to the bright flash of its spigot mount. Available in smooth natural and rusticated dark brown.
Savinelli continues to explore vibrant, proprietary stem colors in 2019's Fantasia series, featuring a shimmering mosaic of cobalt and burnt sienna acrylic for the mouthpiece.
Meaning "forest" in Italian, their most popular shapes in either a smooth, natural finish or a dark brown rustication — each elevated by unique mouthpieces of custom-sourced dark green acrylic.
With a mouthpiece of bright, swirled, technicolored acrylic custom sourced for this line.
Ginger's Favorite
Ginger's Favorite series is dedicated to silver-screen actress and dancer Ginger Rogers. It features two shapes, the "104" and "626," presented with long, horn-patterned acryylic stems.
Giubileo d'Oro
The Giubileo d'Oro is fashioned from the tiny percentage of briar which passes the inspection required to make this grade.
A series dedicated to Savinelli's huge "Extraordinaire"-sized designs, the aptly-named Hercules offers big, robust pipes with spacious chambers for those who favor big, long-smoking briars.
La Corta
La Corta is a three-shape series featuring some of Savinelli's fullest, yet most balanced classic shapes, paired to abbreviated shanks and short stems.
Offered in the singular 01 Bent Apple shape, the pocket-sized Lollo line is available in three alluring finishes, Featuring jet-black tapered vulcanite stems.
Comprised of only 150 total pipes, Savinelli's Manzoni series celebrates the life and work of Alessandro Manzoni, For the line, Savinelli has revived their unique "910 KS" shape.
The Marte series derives its name from the Italian word for the planet Mars. Features a pronounced copper accent band to complete the aesthetic.
Italian for "brick," Savinelli's Mattone line offers a range of classic shapes in light blonde, smooth finishes, topped with horn-colored acrylic accents.
Mega series features an array of the marque's shapes enlarged to substantial "EX" proportions, paired to succinct, short-throw saddle stems for quite an elegant disposition.
Warm, light, smooth blonde finishes, colorful patterned acrylic stems, and special honey-dipper shaped tampers accentuate the honey theme of the Miele series.
Compact renditions of some of their most popular shapes, making for pieces that can slip into a pocket with ease. With vibrant stem colors and reduced proportions. ttps://
Designed to present cigarette smokers with a quick-smoking little briar that offers a purer flavor than any rolling papers can provide.
Derived from the Italian word for "dark brown," a deep, rich palette complete with a unique mouthpiece of swirled cream- and mocha stem.
The Oceano series is a testament to the Savinelli family's love of the sea, featuring swirled periwinkle and navy acrylic stems to bring to mind images of the foaming ocean.
its beautiful natural finish. A fine rustication applied to the bowl evokes the texture of olive tree bark, further enhanced by a stem of custom-sourced, olive-green acrylic bands of warm chocolate.
The One series consists of "starter kits," composed of briars that each come with their own zip-up pipe bag, along with a packet of 6mm balsa filters, a pipe tool, and a bundle of pipe cleaners.
Oscar is a historic name in Savinelli's lineup, one lent to many of the company's most popular and beloved series over the years, such as the Oscar Lucite and Oscar Tiger lines.
Oscar Tiger
The Oscar Tiger line offers a considerable variety of Savinelli's most popular shapes, presented in either a handsomely polished walnut finish, or a rugged black rustication.
Derived from the Italian word for "dove," in both Rusticated Black and Smooth Brown finishes with a unique mouthpiece of swirled caramel, cream, and natural beige acrylic.
The idea behind the Petite series is, as the name suggests, small, light pipes; well-established, classic Savinelli shapes.
a smooth, natural finish — accented by a unique mouthpiece of custom-sourced acrylic in a black-and-white, checkered pattern evocative of the Pulcinella's traditional ensemble.
Punto Oro
The Punto Oro is created from the finest aged Mediterranean briar, and boasts ninety separate crafting and inspection processes performed by some of Savinelli’s most skilled artisans.
Warm and elegant, the Regimental offers time-honored Savinelli shapes in deep ruby palettes with bright yellow acrylic accents for a touch of flash.
The Roma is one of the most perennially popular series. Classic, hand friendly shapes, top notch rustication, a vulcanite bit as well as a handsome band of smooth briar on the on the rim.
Roma Lucite
The Savinelli Roma Lucite, top notch rustication, and nicely contrasting, handsome band of smooth briar on the rim of the original Roma series, but replaces the vulcanite stem with one featuring a swirled amber and mocha Lucite.
Saint Nicholas 2023
Contrasting a warm, earthy rusticated finish, each pipe features a mouthpiece of proprietary, iridescent winter blue acrylic.
A classically inclined series, the Siena features warm stains and jet-black acrylic stems, along with 9mm drilling to accommodate a variety of filters.
A warm and simple combination, Savinelli's Spring series finish presents a variety of popular shapes in a smooth polish and dressed in a medium walnut stain, fitted with classic black stems.
Inspired by the restrained ferocity and quiet power of a tiger, the Tigre series combines a range of classic Savinelli shapes with reserved finishes and exotic, bengal patterned acrylic stems,
The Tortuga features a plug-cap which allows an unfinished smoke to be saved for later. Both the cap and the stem are shaped from matching tortoiseshell-patterned acrylic.
Available in a variety of shapes and styles, Savinelli’s Tre series offers classic Italian designs with a unique twist: a 3mm draft hole, rather than the standard 6mm or 9mm sizes.
Named after the famed Trevi fountain in Rome, this Savinelli series offers a selection of classic shapes in either a smooth-polished dark walnut finish, or a rugged black rustication.
Savinelli's Tundra series feature either a pleasing low-profile rustication, or a smooth, dark, smoky walnut finish, both accented by swirl-patterned, caramel-colored acrylic stems.
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Savinelli- Golf Rusticated Dark Brown (CLOSEOUT)
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Savinelli- Golf Rusticated Dark Brown (CLOSEOUT)
Savinelli 6mm balsa filter
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Savinelli 6mm balsa filter
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Savinelli 9mm balsa filter
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Savinelli 9mm balsa filter
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Savinelli- Columbus Nina 703KS (CLOSEOUT)
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Savinelli- Columbus Nina 703KS (CLOSEOUT)
Savinelli- Sistina 616 (CLOSEOUT)
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Savinelli- Sistina 616 (CLOSEOUT)
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