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Sutliff- Hill of Slane LIMITED EDITION

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Flue cured Virginia and Burley, topped with an Irish Cream topping.

1.5 ounce tin


In 433 AD, the Hill of
Slane is told to be the place that St. Patrick chose to proclaim Christianity
and help the druids overcome their “heathen” ways. The Celtic High King
King Laoghaire.
Renowned for his brute strength and ferocity, King Laoghaire had lit a fire on the Hill of Tara, a
cultic center where people worshiped the Celtic god of the sun, Lugh, to celebrate the Feast of
Tara, the time of the Beltaine Festival during the Spring Equinox. The King warned that no other
fire was to be lit or seen during the time of the festival.
However, St. Patrick was not intimidated by the King and outwardly defied the Kings orders by
bravely, and boldly lighting and blessing the Paschal fire on the Hill of
Slane , which was easily seen from the Hill of Tara. The King Loegaire
and the druids had planned to kill St. Patrick but,
the King was so impressed by St. Patrick’s devotion to his beliefs and his convincing and
persuasive ways, he actually allowed
St. Patrick to continue his missionary work in his kingdom.
To this day, a statue of St. Patrick is displayed prominently at the front of the ruins.
So, it is in honor of the courage, bravery and tenacity that St. Patrick imbued that we celebrate
with a blend we feel encompasses his spirit: Hill of
Slane is fragrant and fills the room with
warmth yet is mellow so as not to be overpowering. It burns cool and doesn’t overheat but
burns long to allow the smoker time to slowly enjoy the gifts of the blend. And it is welcoming
and inviting to all those around so they too can enjoy the sweet nuances of traditional Irish
Cream. This unique and satisfying blend of air and flu cured tobaccos of Virginia and Burley, has
been expertly blended so we can relax, reflect and remember that:
“A little fire that warms is better than a big fire that burns!”

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