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Sutliff- SPECIAL ORDER* Latakia/English Bulk Blends

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Sutliff makes too many blends to carry them all. So we are offering them to you, as a Special Order. Which means if you order any of these blends, we will then order them from Sutliff. Please allow 1-3 weeks.

* Special order means we do not stock this item. We will order it from the importer. Please allow 1-3 weeks. When you order, it will say in stock, it is not in stock, but in order for the item to be special ordered, we have to set the inventory as if it was in stock.

The nice thing about Sutliff bulk tobaccos is that you may purchase 1 pound bags. 
A few blends are available in 8 ounce bages and/or a box of 6- 1.5 ounce pouches. If interested, send an email regarding availablity. 

Most blends are self explanatory, but if you need a better description, please email me.

When you order, during checkout, type in the name of the blend in the comments section.

English Tobaccos

302 LIGHT ENGLISH- African, Turkish, and Virginia tobaccos with Latakia added wherein the Latakia does not overwhelm the blend.  The smoothest Latakia blend ever to be presented to the pipe smoker.  Great for those just discovering English mixtures!

502 MEDIUM ENGLISH- A traditional mixture of Red Virginia, Turkish, Burley, Latakia, and Perique.  Medium strength.  A perfect introduction to English style pipe smoking.

503 HEAVY ENGLISH- A hearty English blend combining Smyrna, Lemon Virginia, oriental grades and high in Latakia content. For the sophisticated pipe smoker.

504C AROMATIC ENGLISH- A mild aromatic blend with just enough Latakia to give satisfaction to the pipe smoker’s taste, yet with a very pleasant aroma for those around him.  Smooth and full-bodied.

MATCH 20- A robust English blend with character. Plenty of Latakia, Pressed Virginia, and Burley provide the base


400341 ENGLISH ORIENTAL- Formulated for the most discriminating English smoker.  Superbly descriptive:  smooth, subtle, sweetly aromatic, flavorful and satisfying.  Fantastic base:  Lemon Virginias, AAA Burleys, best available Latakia, genuine St. James Parish Perique and fine Smyrna

512 BALKAN II- A richer smoking mixture than our Balkan #1.  Same choice tobaccos, only higher in percentage of Turkish grades and Latakia.

516 RVL-1 (Small cube) - A mixture of Bright Flake, Red Virginia, Kentucky Burley Cube Cut, Cypress Latakia, and Louisiana Perique, with an unusual zesty flavoring.

523 VOODOO QUEEN- Even today, the legend of Marie Laveau extends beyond the grave.  A belief in black magic is not a prerequisite for enjoying this unique blend of Virginia Flake, Latakia and Louisiana Perique.



COUNT PULASKI- A remarkable English style blend with a slight hint of anise.

ENGLISH VANILLA - This is the perfect blend for those smokers wanting the deep taste of a traditional English blend, and the smell of an aromatic.  Blended with Virginia, Burley, Latakia, and Perique, this blend is perfect as a transitional smoke from aromatic to English.

HOLIDAY MIXTURE- Take a moment to relax and to escape the daily grind by lighting up Holiday.  A soothing mixture of Plug Cut Burley, Carolina Flake, Perique and Latakia.




RC-272- A smorgasbord of leaf:  Burley, Virginia, Flue Cured, Smyrna, and Latakia.  Three flavors:  Vanilla, Rum, and Cinnamon further enhance this rather remarkable English style blend.


RL 256- Six types of leaf: Burley Cube, Latakia, Smyrna, Flue Cured, Burley Ribbon Cut and Carolina Flake go into the formulation of this intricate blend. As a crowning touch, Rose of Latakia is added to give a subtle “winy” character.

RL-4 - An American “old school” favorite.  An English style mixture blended with domestic flair.  Grade AAA Toasted Burley Cube provides cool smoking and even burn.  Latakia and Perique add great flavor and aftertaste.  Lightly aromatic yet satisfying.  An all day blend.

RL-BD- Another American classic in the English vein.  Smooth, toasted Burley cubes blended with premium Grade Latakia and Lemon Virginia Flake.  Cased with a uniquely mild rum top dressing-produces subtle, pleasing flavor and room aroma.

RL-ENGLISH LONG CUT- Balanced and smooth, this is an English Mixture with subtle and sweet aromatic properties-a ribbon Cavendish comprised of Lemon Virginias, AAA Burleys and the best Latakias available.  Genuine St. James Parish Perique and Fine Turkish grades insure great taste and satisfaction to the most discriminating English Smoker.

SAIL GREEN MATCH- Sail Aromatic combines the mystique of the Orient with bright, clear Virginia leaf.  A few Latakia leaves add to the lasting charm of this blend

SPS-14 MAJESTIC ENGLISH- Fit for royalty.  An elegant mixture of Burley, Virginia, Latakia, Turkish, and Perique.  A higher concentration of Latakia than in most English blends

SPS-17 LAVISH ENGLISH- A unique blend with more than enough Latakia and Perique to justify calling it an English blend.  Yet unlike an ordinary English blend, in that, this blend has a flavored Black Cavendish as a blending component.  The rest of the blend is composed of Burley, Virginia, and Turkish.  Further enhanced

SPS-39 EMERALD ISLE- This blend was formulated as a tribute to Ireland or to Erin, if you prefer.  If you like Latakia, you’ll fall in love with this blend.  The remainder of this blend is composed of Perique, Flue-cured tobacco and Turkish with a light vanilla flavor


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