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C&D- Izmir Turkish

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Small of leaf, sun-cured, relatively low in nicotine, but packing a big flavor, C&D's high grade Izmir leaf is cut in-house to their blending specs and just might be perfect for your blending aspirations.

* Special order means we do not stock this item. We will order it from the importer. Please allow 1-3 weeks.
When you order, it will say in stock, it is not in stock, but in order for the item to be special ordered, we have to set the inventory as if it was in stock.

NOTE- C&D ships the bulk tobacco very dry.

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Kilmarnock Piper
Robert Fox (Kilmarnock, VA) 12/12/2009 6:58 PM
I am pleased with this product and with the service here at Mars Cigars & Pipes. Here is part of my review from (after fixing a not too good blend) I decided to make this my opportunity to evaluate the blending potential of the Turkish, and also packed a small bowl of the straight product to smoke afterward, to judge it on its own merits. I mixed up a bowlful consisting of about two parts of my Frankenstein's monster-like creation to one part of the Turkish, and took it outside with the straight Turkish bowl to smoke with my morning coffee. The Turkish did seem to mellow out the blend. It was less harsh, and it even toned down the heavily scented honeydew (or patchouli) notes of the Cannon Plug. It calmed the bite of the MacBaren. My first impression is that this is likely to be an economical and useful blending tobacco. I was not sure how the Turkish would do on its own. The ribbon seems a little coarse and dry, but not brittle, and it was not the easiest to pack. I was pleasantly surprised, however, as it burned really well once I got it going good after the second light, and the taste was mild and spicy, maybe a bit one-dimensional; but I can see myself smoking it by itself once in a while. I don't know if this is pure Turkish, or what kind of Turkish, or just mainly Turkish, but the leaf all looks pretty much the same. I would be interested in what others think, and also can't wait to experiment with the leaf to see how my opinions change. Same day blending update: a few hours later, early evening. I mixed about 1 1/2 flakes of year-and-a-half old Gawith Full Virginia Flake, making up 2 parts of the total blend, with 1 part each of the Turkish and McConnell's Rich Dark Virginia. I added a modest amount of blending perique from Just For Him, less than 1/2 of any of the other "parts." It is my best blending effort yet. The spicy Turkish really comes out at the end, as the Virginias mellow and start to shine. A great blending tobacco!
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