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Old Dominion- Virginia Planter Corn Cob

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The "Virginia Planter" model is named in honor of Virginia farmers past and present whose corn and tobacco fields have covered the Commonwealth.  Virginians of true grit and vision like John Rolfe whose successful cultivation of tobacco in Virginia helped insure the financial survival of the fledgling Virginia Colony as well as brought pipe smokers for generations to come their favorite pastime.  The Virginia Planter features a large 3/4" dia. chamber with a more traditional, cylindrical cob bowl shape and a hardwood base plug for added durability.  Unlike our Indian corn cob pipe models, the Planter is now produced using another heirloom white corn variety that was specifically developed for the cob pipemaking industry in the first half of the 20th century for its exceptionally thick and sturdy cobs that produce a large and substantial bowl.  It is among our best selling and most sought after cobs!

Approx. Size:
Length- 6.5"
Height- 2"
Bowl- 3/4" wide; 1.25" deep

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