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Missouri Meerschaum Corncob- Diplomat

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The Diplomat Corn Cob Pipe is one of the most popular designs in our larger, filtered pipes. Available in 2 bowl shapes – the familiar, oval-shaped Apple and the tall, cylindrical 5th Avenue. This pipe has a genuine, hardwood insert in the bottom of the bowl.

Straight or Bent

Apple and 5th Avenue Bowl Shapes

6 mm Filter

Approximate Dimensions

          Length:  6 in/152.4 mm

          Bowl Height: 

                Apple:  1.75 in/44.45 mm

                5th Avenue:  2.125 in/53.98 mm

          Chamber Diameter:  .75 in/19.05 mm

          Chamber Depth: 

                Apple:  1.25 in/31.75 mm

                5th Avenue:  1.5 in/38.1 mm


Product Reviews

(8 Ratings, 5 Reviews) Average Rating:
Simply excellent
Tom (Evanston, IL) 8/21/2013 4:37 PM
I own a dozen Dunhills, but my two apple diplomat cobs, once they were broken in, consistently deliver a sweeter smoke with better draw, and require minimal relighting if you pack them right. If you are secure in your self-image, and don't worry that using a "down-market" product will injure your social standing, this is all the pipe you'll ever need. Buy two, and a "forever stem" from Walker Briar Works and you're set for life. For those just considering taking up the pipe, this is the obvious choice. And Mars always has the best prices for cobs, as well as most other tobacco products.
The Best
James Ellis (Longview, WA) 5/22/2012 9:04 PM
My favorite cob. Well finished, perfect size, wood plug in the bottom so the bottom won't turn to mush and fall out. Country Gentleman is second best to this pipe, IMO. Get some replacement stems, or if you smoke cobs a lot, get a couple "forever stems," which are vulcanite or acrylic stems made for cobs, available at Walker Briar Works (google it).
You can't beat this pipe for the price.
William C. Walsh (Moscow, PA) 8/3/2010 11:00 PM
This is a legitimate pipe, not a novelty item. The price is cheaper than any other website. If you are looking to try a corncob pipe for the first time, or want another one, this is a great choice.
James Cayyton (Burnet, TX) 7/23/2010 2:17 PM
The Diplomat is well made and finished. At 6 inches, with a handsome Danish bit, it will be a serious entry to one's collection. As a plus, cobs smoke burley as well as they smoke Virginia or English blends, and that is very, very well. The pipe will outlast its stem, so it is advisable to order a couple of very inexpensive spares with one's purchase. Mars' outstanding service and low price for the Diplomat can't be beat.
Robert Hynes (West Newton, PA) 6/14/2010 9:37 PM
A nice large bowel and a great smoker. This is a genuine pipe, not a chinzy novelty. This is one of my 'must have' pipes...give one a try.
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