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We get hundreds of tins shipped to us all the time. The law of averages says at least a few will be damaged. We list them here at a discount.
They are significantly dented or damaged in some way, BUT as far as can be seen, the seal is still fine. However, we can not guarantee this. I suggest you use it quickly, just to be sure.
If a tin has an apparent damaged seal, it will be listed as such.

1 x 100gram tin of Comoy's #9. The lid has popped due to the tobacco aging and will not go back on. It has a foil seal which is still intact, but the foil is puffed out preventing the lid to go back on.
If you buy this and want me to, I can break the foil seal to check the tobacco. If it is bad, I'll remove it from your order. You must email me if you want this done.

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